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What about our Worship?


Worship is the prime responsibility for all Christians. Anglicans believe that the life of Christian service is possible only through a full sacramental life of worship and thanksgiving, through which we receive God's love and express our love to Him. Hence, we believe it is our obligation not only to worship God together every Lord's Day (Sunday) but also to have a daily life of prayer. We endeavor to offer a number of special celebrations on Holy Days throughout the year as well as on Sunday.


Anglicans are expected to pray. When we pray in private, each of us prays in his own way (although guidance and instruction are available for those who wish to grow in the life of prayer). When we pray together in services of worship, our "common prayers" are 'liturgical,' that is, they are structured. Only in this way can we truly share our worship of God. Our liturgical worship involves the whole person, body, mind and spirit. We are active participants rather than just listeners. Worship to us is not "show business". It goes from us to God rather than from a preacher to us. We come to church to give God the praise and worship which, as His creatures, we owe Him; not to get something for ourselves.



The Holy Eucharist . . .


 The center of worship at St. Nicholas is the Holy Eucharist. Other traditional names for this service are: the Holy Communion, the Mass, the Lord's Supper, and the Divine Liturgy. It is the service specifically commanded by Jesus in the New Testament. The Eucharist joins our offering of worship to Christ's offering of Himself upon the altar of the cross. As He promised (Matthew 26; Mark 14; Luke 22; John 6; I Corinthians 11) Jesus is truly, spiritually present under the outward forms of the consecrated Bread and Wine, to infuse our lives with the spiritual strength of His life. In accordance to the canons of our church, all baptized Christians are welcome to receive Holy Communion.



Customs . . .


If you are new to Anglican worship you may find some of the customs in our services unfamiliar. You will also find some variation of customs from parish to parish. It would be our pleasure to explain to you the symbolism of our worship. One general rule of thumb for Anglicans is that we stand to praise God, sit for listening to instruction, and kneel humbly to pray.





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