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All of our parishes and missions are orthodox and sacramental, continuing in the teaching and fellowship of the apostles and in the breaking of Bread, which was established by Christ as the design for the live of the Church.  As faithful stewards of the Catholic Faith in the Anglican tradition, our teaching and practice is based solely on the Holy Bible as interpreted by the universally accepted Ecumenical Councils held by the whole Christian Church before any divisions took place; and the traditional Book of Common Prayer, which demonstrates both our Catholic Faith and Evangelical witness.


Indeed the best way to understand our faith and practice is to take a Bible, a copy of the historic Book of Common Prayer, and come and worship with us.  The center of our worship is the Holy Eucharist, also called Holy Communion, the Mass, the Lord’s Supper, and the Divine Liturgy.  It is the only service recorded in the New Testament as having been given us by Christ himself.  You will find that our liturgical worship involves the whole person— body, mind, and spirit, allowing us to be active participants rather than mere listeners.



For Inquirers . . . .

In the midst of the turbulent sea of the ever-changing world around us, we stand on the Rock of Jesus Christ as He has been made known to us in the teaching of the Holy Apostles, the Holy Church and the Holy Bible.


We offer you this firm foundation in order that you may have that peace which the world cannot give; the peace of God, which passes man’s understanding.


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St Nicholas is a parish church within the Diocese of the Northeast, Anglican Church in America.

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