is Lent?

If you’re new to the liturgical  church, don’t get spooked by our Lenten worship service. Yes, we do have some unfamiliar rituals, but there is a reason for it all. We do these things because they have a Biblical foundation and because we believe our liturgy helps shape hearts for Christ. Lent is the season stretching between Ash Wednesday and Easter Day.

Lent, which comes from an ancient Anglo-Saxon word, “Lencten”, simply means “spring”. It is a forty-day period (this doesn’t count Sundays; they are always feast days because they celebrate the Resurrection) which reflects the forty days that our Lord spent in the wilderness after His baptism. In the wilderness Jesus was tempted by Satan, and had to wrestle with how He would live out his ministry in the world. Would He give into the temptations of Satan to be what the world wanted Him to be, or would He yield only to the Spirit of God? We seek to follow in His footsteps, honestly struggling with our own temptations, and trying to live into our baptismal call.

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St Nicholas is a parish church within the Diocese of the Northeast, Anglican Church in America.

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